Monday, October 6, 2008

Dancing with the Stars-Fake Boobs, Underwear and Broken Ankles

Ok, did anyone take notice the other night of Susan Lucci's obviously enormously fake bosoms? They were the dominate feature of her outfit and of her dance that my daughter said I can't stop looking at them (and she's 10). I said yeah I know. The twin sisters were just too prominent to miss and competed for air time. Yep, they won. What a bad boob job and she can afford the best. If I were her I'd want a refund. They even mesmerized the judges, especially Len, that dirty old man! Speaking of Len, he is getting on my last nerve. He has beaten down one of the better teams of Lacey and Lance so much, that their routine was so whitewashed and insipid I was like who are these people? I love, love, love Lacey's style and her routines are fresh and contemporary, but they succumbed to Len's critical comments and tried to dance the way he wanted, only for him to come back and say that Lance was clopping around flat footed. No winning for trying, I say, do your own thing girl! I don't think Cloris Leachman will get eliminated. We just want to keep her around for the entertainment value. But please can we not see anymore crotch shots with her legs up over her head! That is just wrong. Poor Cloris, Corky throws her around like she weighs a ton, a sack of dead weight. She's about as light as a sinking ship. Cloris and Corky, sounds like a morning talk show.
My daughter really liked Cody Linley's hair although I think he looks too young like he's all of what twelve? He's way too young looking and way too skinny. Poor Julianne, she probably weighs more that he does. He dances alright, but he just doesn't do it for me. He's still in potty training.
Football player, Warren Sapp is so light on his feet. He's like an elephant in a tutu. When I see him dance it's like watching Disney's Fantasia all over again. Not to mention that he's just downright lovable. I'm surprised there aren't Warren Sapp teddy bears yet.
Misty May had to bow out of the competition after snapping her Achilles tendon. When they did the replay of the practice you could hear it actually snap like a bony twig. Well, being the athlete that she is, I don't think she had a chance of winning. She was just all legs and lean stiff torso, good for volleyball, but not for the dance floor. My only dismay is that Maxim will not be dancing and I just love to watch him. He's so charming, I could watch him all evening, sigh!
Brooke Burke proved that she's perfect again! Hate her! I'm sure she's already looking for a place to hang that mirror ball in her house. -Single D

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